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MACONS introduces the Horizontal silo for storage of Cement of other bulk material for construction purpose. The horizontal silo is fabricated from mild steel plate shaped as to ensure to drop the material into horizontal screw conveyor located in the low part of the bin. The horizontal screw conveyor extracts the material in to inclined screw conveyor and discharge the material over a height of 4.2 mt. The horizontal silo provides with control panel for horizontal screw conveyor, inclined screw conveyor and vibrators, manually via push buttons and also automatically during batching out of pre-set quantity of cement from the silo. The weight indicator provides the display of net weight of cement in the silo. It also allows quick and accurate calibration of the load cells. The pre-set quantity of cement can be automatically batched out on loss – in – weight basis through a single push button operation on the panel. The same can also be done manually by independently operating all the dosing devices via push buttons provided on the control panel. The bin with accessories is supported on electronic load cells, which transfer the load on to a suitable framework. The framework is provided with manually operated off loading legs. The Horizontal silo is provided with vibrators to facilitate the flow of material, loading pipe, relief pipe, pressure relief valve and man hole.

Salient Features
Available in 20/30/40 Ton Capacity.
Load Cell Weighing System with electronic instruments.
Electric Control Panel
Horizontal Screw Conveyor
Inclined Screw Conveyor
Manually operated off loading legs.
Set of vibrators to facilitate the flow of the material
Loading Pipe, Relief Pipe, Pressure Relief Valve.
Man Hole.
Rear Mounted dust Filter
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