Training & Development

Training & Development has been inherent need for any industry.

Training helps in

  • Increase efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increase innovation in strategies and products
  • Increase Dealer's & Operator's motivation
  • Increase Safety measure for both operator & plant / Machine
  • Increase life of the plant / machine
  • Decrease breakdown time of plant / machine

We at Macons are on continuous process in getting the Macons Dealer team & Operator's Trained on regular basis. Macons offers training programs for customers' site staff on plant / machine operation & maintenance.

A very successful training program has led to increase in confidence of the Dealers & operators and that way we serve customer in better way. Classroom and on-site training programs are conducted through the year to ensure that the skill levels are continually upgraded. The classroom training is organized at our Training Centre at Ahmedabad as per a scheduled training calendar. The training is imparted on equipment maintenance practices, troubleshooting exercises, good operating procedures. Besides, the participants are also exposed to nearby job sites for hands-on training. The on-site training is also organized by Macons Service & Training Department at customer's place. The duration of training is usually 2-3 days & the classroom facilities in such cases are to be provided by the customer.