The Visionary

The story of Macons began in the early 90s with our visionary patriarch
Dharmesh Surelia. As a budding professional, brimming with innovative ideas and abreast with all the current know-how of the industry, he was keen on bridging the gap the Indian Construction Equipment market, with high quality, indigenously produced machines. With a strong engineering background, he strived to conceptualize his vision into a strong idea, from which, Macons manifested in the early 2000s as a company that revolutionized the Indian markets with world-class construction equipment. No sooner did we begin our operations, several first-of-their-kind machines started emerging from our full stack set-up. As pioneers in manufacturing Kerbing Machines in India, our equipment brought not only world-class quality, but also much needed value-for-money for our clients to avail.

From the beginning he has fueled innovations in the company by following the pulse of the industry and launching exactly the right products to fulfill the immediate needs of the markets. He has ensured that while Macons must grow, the value delivered to clients in terms of costs and quality can never be compromised. It is this belief that has made machines from Macons, a preferred choice of not just Indian markets, but also in strategic parts of the world.

Our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction, so we want to bring worldclass, tech-rich equipment at affordable rates, hence, our decision to indigenously manufacture them rather than simply import them from foreign manufacturers.
Dharmesh Surelia
CMD, Macons Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Today Mr. Surelia sits at the helm of Macons, steering every aspect of expansion and growth with his visionary foresight. He continues to forge alliances for the company, with elite names across the globe, not only to cater to global markets, but also to make Indian construction industry, self-sufficient in terms of heavy-duty equipment.

From a modest beginning, Macons has neared an astounding 90% YoY growth, and is rising swiftly in the ranks of the Indian construction industry. We’ve been credited with introducing many new and innovative products, such as Compact concrete Batching/Mixing plants, Mobile concrete Batching/Mixing plants, Self-loading transit mixers, kerb pavers and dumpers, all of which are being produced locally. Our young approach, combined with astute market foresight of our management, we are striding towards a future, where we envision to make not just the Indian Markets thrive with our equipment, but also disrupt the global projects with our value, quality and sheer performance of our products.
After earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University in 2023, Mr. Jainil Surelia returned to India with a strong drive for innovation. He joined the Macons Group to contribute to his country's growth, aiming to harness the potential of the new generation. Serving as a Director since 2023, he plays a key role in daily decision-making and business development, driving the company towards greater success.
Jainil Surelia
Director, Macons Equipments Pvt. Ltd.