Concrete Kerbing Machine

Dimensions Unit Parameter
Overall lenth mm 3000
Overall width mm 2050
Overall height mm 1600
Kerb clearance mm 180
Charging height mm 975
Wheel base mm 2425 C/C
Track mm 1075 C/C
Front Nos. 4
Rear Nos. 4
Wheel Size 18"
Wheel Type Solid tyre
Sensor (Fully Imported)
Slope Provided
Grade Provided
Steering Provided
Vibrator (Fully Imported)
Type Needle
Input Hydroulic
Qty. Nos. 2
Prime mover
Standard complies to DIN 6721
Engine make Kriloskar
Engine model HA 394
Engine type Air cooled diesel
power genrated HP 50 HP
Engine rpm 2000
Electrical system 12VDC
Battery 12Volts/19pt., 150Ah
Qty. of battery Nos. 1
Driving Characteristics
Types if driving Hydrostatic
Working Speed (F&R) Mt/Min 2-3.
Traveling speed (F&R) Kmph 0-4
Steering type Power steering
Fuel tank capacity Liter 80
Hyroulic oil tank capacity Liter 250
Charging hopper capacity m3 0.5
Slump range mm 22 to 25
  • Rigid construction of main chassis, fabricated from rolled steel sections.
  • Front & Rear hydraulic cylinder for adjusting Kerb Heights.
  • Fully Imported needls vibrators to ensure compact & easy concrete flow.
  • Fully Imported hydraulic kit & micron filtration system for longer life.
  • Fully Imported Slop, Grade and steering sensors.
  • Maximum mould size is 600 height x 800 width.
  • Machine can lay on Wetmix and DBM layer as well as Reinforcement and Gutter Section.
  • Hydraulic tilting inlet chute for easy maintenance and accessibility to engine & hydraulic parts.
  • Dust proof lockable operator console.
  • Mould boxes are designed for quick change.
  • Fuel Gauge. Amp. Meter, Temperature Meter, Engine pressure gauge.
  • Front and Rear light, Horn, Reflectors etc.
  • Set of tool kit, Grease gun, Piler, Screw driver etc.
  • Cushioned operator's seat.
  • String line wire tensioning device.
  • String line with rod and clamp.